Monday, 7 January 2019

It's 2019!

Welcome back from Winter Break.  I hope that you enjoyed your time away, and that you've returned to school refreshed and ready to learn.  For many, a new year means a new beginning.  If you feel like you need a "fresh start", now is the time to make that happen.  On the other hand, if life was pretty good before the break and you think you've found the formula for success, then keep doing whatever you were doing.  The school year is almost half over, but there is still a lot of learning to do.  Have a fantastic 2019 (which is not a prime number).

Friday, 21 December 2018

Happy Holidays

I hope your Winter Break is a restful one.  For those of you suffering from math withdrawal, here's a little something for you to ponder.  See you in January.

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Term 1 Test Make-Up Day

The test make-up day for term 1 is on Wednesday, November 28.  If you missed a test during term 1, please come by after school on that day to write the test that you missed.  Please see me if you have any questions.

Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Portfolio Midterm Self-Assessment

Hey grade 10 students, if you go into your math portfolio now, you'll find a few questions to answer for your midterm self-assessment.  Please get these questions answered by Thursday, October 25.  If they are not done by the deadline, then you will have "zero" for the portfolio component of your mark.  That's worse than getting apples on Halloween.

Monday, 15 October 2018

Your Marks are Live Online

Hey students, I've decided to make all marks for my classes available online this year, through MyEducation BC.  To see your marks, you will need to remember your MyEducation BC login (I believe it's your student number) and your password.  I have a list of your school-assigned passwords so please see me if you need your password.  If that password doesn't work or if you've been locked out for trying to log in with the wrong password too many times, please email with your full name, student number, and email address.  Having the marks online means being able to see your marks anytime you want (and not having to wait until class), and you will also see your term mark evolve as more assessments are added.  It also means that your parents, who have access to MyEducation BC, will see your test marks and your overall term marks anytime they want.  Sorry about that (not really that sorry...).

Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Math Clinic

You are always welcome to come see me with questions about the math.  Another place you can go is the math clinic.  Every Thursday for 3:15 pm to 5:00 pm, Mr. Marzouk and his super smart math tutors are hanging out in A207, eagerly awaiting anyone who needs help with math.  There's no math that they can't do!  I hear that Mr. Marzouk even has treats, if you ask nicely.

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Welcome Back!

It's the second week of school and everything is in full swing.  You're settled into your new classes and eager to learn.  Summer seems like a distant memory, especially with the recent rainy weather.

Everyone comes to school with the intention to succeed.  For most, that success involves learning.  Learning is an active process on the part of students.  Nobody can learn for you.  For math class, learning involves four major components:
  1. Attendance - That's pretty obvious.  You can't learn if you're not here to learn.  Not attending is the primary reason that students don't succeed.
  2. Focus - Once in class, you need to pay attention.  Don't allow yourself to be distracted by others around you, or by your phone.  Stay strong, that text message will still be there for you later on.  Stay focused on the present moment.
  3. Practice - You've heard me say this before (and probably many more times before the end of the year), nobody gets better at anything without practice.  Thinks professional athletes, musicians, actors...people that excel in their field are there through many hours of practice.  Yes, everyone is different and some students may need more practice than others in any particular subject.  However, with enough practice, you can get there.
  4. Questions - Learning is hard if you try to do it alone.  Learning works best when you rely on others to help you, to make you better.  If you come across anything you don't fully understand, then you need to ask for help.  That is the best way to learn.  Keep asking questions...I'm paid to be here to answer them.
If you do all four of these things consistently throughout the school year, then I have no doubt that you will succeed.  I hope you have a memorable school year.