Monday, 20 November 2017

Term 1 Test Make-Up Day (Part 2)

A few students couldn't make it to the test make-up day on Tuesday, November 14 for various reasons (including my favourite, "I forgot").  Others have missed, or will miss, a test scheduled for this week.  Therefore, I'm scheduling another test make-up day for Monday, December 4.  As always, it will take place after school.  If, by that date, you are missing a test from this term, please come by to write it.

However, know that the office wants all term 1 marks by 9:00 am on Wednesday, December 6.  Therefore, if you write a test on Monday, December 4, I can't promise to have it marked in time to include it in the term 1 mark that the office receives.  This means your mark will look much lower than it should be, for now.  Once your test is marked, I can go back and update your term 1 mark, but this may not happen until after your official term 1 mark has been issued by the school.